Pest House



A helping hand

in hard times

We are a Midhurst-based charitable organisation that has money bequeathed to the town and is available to support those who might be in need. 


The support given can range from help to fund a school uniform, a mobility scooter, cooker or fridge to heating fuel and a whole list of things that make life a little easier.


You must live in Midhurst to benefit.


If you or your family need help, or you know of someone who would benefit then click below to download an application form. Instructions for submitting an application are on the form itself.

About The

Pest House Charity

The Pest House was founded by Viscount Montague by an Indenture dated 5th August 1741. The building was created to provide a hospital for those suffering from smallpox.

The Pest House Charity was created on 31st January 1899 to support those parishioners of Midhurst who were poor, sick or needy.

Today, the charity primarily supports Midhurst residents who are in financial difficulty.

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